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Considered and Comprehensive Surveying, Planning and Development Services

Land Development

Our expert land development services are aimed at maximising the potential of your build by carefully preparing your lot as per your needs as well as local council requirements. Whether its a residential, commercial or industrial development, you can rely on us to put your grand plan on the right path. All you need to do is talk to us about the scope and needs of your project.

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Town Planning

AJS Surveys town planning services are the ideal starting point for community development. Our capable plans allow your grand vision to accommodate the natural growth and development of a vibrant living environment. When you choose us, you are laying the ground work for a better future based on solid planning and precision.

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Gain a greater understanding of your chosen lot of land with the help of our concise surveying services. Outline your needs and we will provide you with a clear picture of how your plans will come to fruition. With us you can always rely upon absolute precision and a dedication to absolute precision.

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Contact Details

P: 07 3823 2144
A: 17 Judd Street, Gumdale Q 4154

Service Area

From our Gumdale location, AJS Surveys can provide
expert services to any development or building project
throughout Queensland or the Northern Territory.
Contact us today to find out more.

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